Families Struggling with Behavioural Problems and Oppositional-Defiant Behaviour.

The 4 MY Family program teaches concrete, specific strategies and life skills designed to help children manage their oppositional-defiant tendencies and regain control of their behaviour. The programs and strategies go well beyond simple parenting or child advice, which is often too theoretical, impractical, or short on specifics.

Parent workshops include detailed instructions on how parents can intervene when their child refuses to cooperate, defies consequences, or reacts to parenting strategies with anger, temper outbursts, and tantrums. Parents learn how to handle and curtail disrespectful and aggressive behaviour, rebuild their child’s self-esteem, and strengthen the parent-child relationship to create a cooperative and harmonious household. Parenting strategies alone, however, cannot accomplish all these goals. The family workshops teach kids how to manage anger, deal with frustration when they can’t get their way, modify maladaptive thoughts, and control their own emotions and behaviour. Workshops are designed to motivate oppositional children to put the skills into practice and to take responsibility for altering their own behaviour.