Modules and Skills Covered in the Program

Module 1:  Busting Anger, Promoting Respect, & Communicating Effectively.

12 video workshops totalling 6+ hours: 1 3/4 hours for parents and  4 1/4 hours for the entire family.

Close to 4 hours of family activities related to learning the skills covered in the workshops.

65 page parent manual related  to the video workshops.

Multiple handouts.

Two parent workbooks totalling 35 pages.

Three cognitive restructuring board games: Know My Family Game,  Escape From the Land of Trouble, and the Easy Going Game.

Skills Covered:
  • Anger management:
    • Recognizing signs of anger early on, calming down long enough to think, recognizing what’s making us angry, and putting  into practice one of five possible solutions to fix what we’re angry about.
  • Communication skills.
    • Talking about what we’re angry about with those who care about us. Speaking up to  bullies or rude people.
  • Assertiveness.
    • Standing up for ourselves without being aggressive or disrespectful.
  • Dealing with bullies.
    • Knowing when to ignore a provocation and how to avoid letting others “push our buttons”, versus speaking up and defending oneself.
    • When to talk to a teacher, and when to enlist a teacher’s support without having to “run and tell”. 
  • Challenging maladaptive thinking.
    • Recognizing and challenging thoughts which turn a small problem into a big one.
  • Rules and consequences to promote respect and eliminate rude behaviour.
    • Specific rules and practical consequences for dealing with disrespect and temper outbursts. What to do when kids ignore your consequence. Why common parenting advice is often wrong.
  • Listening skills for parents.
    • Hands-on work book to actually learn and practice how to listen and communicate effectively as a parent (skills equally applicable to adult relationships).
  • Being an “easy-going” kid.
    • Fighting the “complaining monster”. How all family member can focus on what’s right and good about their life and stop complaining and obsessing about minor issues.

Module 2:  Promoting Cooperation, Responsibility, Self-Esteem, &  Positive Attitudes.

18 page parent manual

Multiple handouts

The Responsibility Game  (cognitive restructuring board game)

Skills Covered:
  • Celebrating success and implementing the “Be Your Own Boss” program.
    • Structured program to encourage kids to be responsible and take charge of their own behaviour without waiting for adult “encouragement”, and having a positive attitude around the home – no more whining, negativity, and complaining.
  • Using praise effectively.
    • Structured programs to ensure all family members recognize and celebrate each family member’s positive traits and contributions to the family.
  • Building self-esteem and self-efficacy.
    • Focusing on what kids are doing right; not wrong. Success in managing their anger, resolving issues successfully, and taking charge of their own behaviour ensures children develop a strong self-esteem, a sense of competence, and a belief in their ability to handle tough situations in the future. 

Module 3:  Using Consequences Effectively: Teaching Life Lessons.

13 page parent manual.

Multiple handouts.

Skills Covered:
  • Types of consequences: punishment, natural and logical.
  • How and when to apply consequences.
  • Adding consequences to the “Be Your Own Boss” program.

Module 4:  Responsible & Independent Behaviour: Bedtime & Morning Routines.

7 page parent manual.

Multiple handouts.

Skills Covered:
  • Practical programs to encourage children to deal with bedtime and morning routines independently, and to take responsibility for their own behaviour.
  • The ups and downs of getting into and out of bed.
  • Getting out the door in the morning.
Module 5:  Tackling Homework.

15 page parent manual.

Multiple handouts.

Skills Covered:
  • Taking responsibility for completing homework.
    • Structured program helping your child take charge of their homework without constant reminders, procrastination, and last minute panics.  Learning to fight off distractions and stay focused on their work.
  • Fostering independent study skills.
    • Parents already finished school – it’s time to retire and let the kids take over the homework job.

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