Warning and Disclaimer

Life Skills 4 My Family makes general recommendations and gives advice that applies to typical family situations. The program is not a therapy program, nor should it be considered as a substitute for thorough assessment and mental-health intervention for children who are experiencing significant behavioural or emotional concerns.

It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to preview family video workshops and games to ensure they consider the content appropriate for their children. If parents/guardians implement any suggestions or advice, they do so at both their and their family’s own risk.

The focus of the program is teaching positive life skills and assisting parents to implement positive and non-punitive parenting programs. These programs are in alignment with current psychological theory and practice. Several workshops and games assist children to identify maladaptive thoughts such as “feeling like getting revenge” or “thinking of running away”, and the program assists children to counter these thoughts with more adaptive and positive thinking. The games focus on the child “defeating” or countering these thoughts as part of the board game play. Although these are common thoughts that most children consider at one time or another, some parents might have reservations regarding “exposing” their child to such thoughts. If you have any concerns regarding exposing your child to these thoughts you should skip these sessions and the relevant board games. This warning is repeated at the relevant sections of the parent manual.

David Ricketts cannot be held liable for any damages or physical or emotional injuries believed to result from any family member acting upon or using the content contained in this program.

If have any concerns for your child’s emotional or physical safety and well-being, you should seek professional assessment or counselling before starting this program. If you are unsure who to contact, consult with your family physician/pediatrician about your concerns or contact your provincial Psychological Association. They can assess your family’s needs, and make a referral to qualified mental health professionals.